Product Review: Five Lipsticks in Five Days

January 18, 2020


I think my favorite accessory is lipstick.


And you’re like, “but it’s not an accessory.”


Listen, I said what I said. Haha.


And maybe you’re right, but I treat it as one. I make sure the color goes with my outfit. Not only do I make sure the color works, but also the texture. Does my outfit call for a gloss or a matte? Will my day work better with a liquid lip, or a lipstick? 


Because of how seriously I take my lipstick, I usually like to stick to brands I know will work. I like my lipstick to be long lasting. I like it to go on really cleanly. I don’t want it to bleed onto my skin.  But I wanted to try out some new brands to see if I liked anything better than what I’ve been wearing for years.


Below are five lipsticks I wore all this week for a day to test out. There was only one I have worn before and all the others were new for me. Check below for a pro, con list and to see which one I ended up loving the most.


Morphe Liquid Lip, Peanut: Day 1, Monday —


Pros: This color is literally everything I’ve been looking for. It’s deeper than a “nude” on me and has that 90s orangish/brown shade I adore. The pigment is really great, and I literally was able to get color on my lips with just one dip in the bottle. I mean I had to dip a second time for touch ups, but it’s that good.


Cons:  I feel like this dried my lips out a little more than other liquid lipsticks I’ve used in the past. It also got a little crumbly as the day wore on. Which I feel like wouldn’t have happened had I reapplied a little, but I just thought it was worth mentioning.


Urban Decay Mega Matte Lipstick, Hex: Day 2, Tuesday


Pros: Listen, I am going to sound a little biased about this product because when I started this week, I knew I was going to use this lipstick and I knew it was already my favorite lipstick. Not only do I absolutely love this color for almost any occasion, I think the actual product is so amazing. With that being said, I still think it’s important to tell you what I love about it because I kind of wanted to see if I could find a product I liked better than this one. I like that this is a matte lipstick, but doesn’t dry my lips out like a liquid lipstick does. That is one of my biggest complaints about a liquid lipstick, so I feel like this is kind of the best of both worlds. I feel like it may even keep my lips hydrated. It goes on smooth and lasts basically until I want to wipe it off. 


Cons: Because this isn’t applied with a wand, the more I use it, the harder it is for it to have a precise line, and can look a little smudged if I’m not careful. 


Maybelline Super-Stay Ink Crayon, Treat Yourself: Day 3, Wednesday


Pros: If you are someone who likes to control or manipulate the line of your lip, this is a great option for you. For me, my lips aren’t even. One side of my lip is a little wider than the other and one side of my cupids bow goes to more of a point than the other side. If I wanted to make my lips more even, which I almost never do because I love this quirk, I would be able to easily fix it using this lipstick. I wore it almost all day and basically couldn’t feel it. It was the most forgettable of the five, meaning, I wasn’t constantly worrying I was getting it all over my face or my teeth because I forgot it was on. It was also really long-lasting, which is something I was looking for since it was advertised as “Super-Stay”. I wanted to make sure it held up to what it was saying.


Cons: I don’t really have any cons, but it was hard to get off my lips. I wiped my lips off at lunch time and it almost looked like I had lipstick on my lips still. A lighter pink, but still there. 


NYC Candy Slick, Jawbreaker: Day 4, Thursday — 

Pros: Wow. This color is just so good. It’s bright and fun. I can’t decide if it’s a red, orange or maybe even a little bit of pink. Also, I really loved the way it made my lips feel. It was shiny, without it feeling super glossy and sticky, which I appreciated. Hello juicy, juicy lips!


Cons: This was the cheapest lipstick I purchased to review and honestly, I could tell. The pigment wasn’t very strong. I had to use several layers and because of that I feel like it ran and spread around my lips. I also felt like the applicator was super cheaply made and bent. I also felt like I had no control when I was applying and I thought it looked a little messy. 


Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, Amore, Day 5, Friday


Pros: I loved how quickly this lipstick dried. I didn’t feel like I had to wait any amount of time to drink anything or that it was going to get on my teeth. I also really loved this color, and I’m really sad because I couldn’t find it on Ulta’s website. I found two that are very similar. I love how precise the lipstick is and how clean it looks. 


Cons: I decided one of the reasons I like lipstick better than liquid lipstick is because they are too dried out and I can’t rub my lips together. I don’t think this one was as dried as others, but I could tell. 


— Final thoughts —


I am a little torn.


I really thought I was going to end this week telling you the best is my trusty Urban Decay lipstick. I mean I love it so much and I have it in like five different colors. I thought there wasn’t going to be anything better, but I think I changed my mind.


If someone were to ask me tomorrow what lipstick they should buy, I think I would tell them to buy the Maybelline Super Stay Ink Crayon. Not only is the formula pretty great, the price makes up for whatever it’s lacking (which isn’t much). 


If you are someone who is starting off wearing lipstick, and doesn’t want to pay a lot of money, so you think you’ll get the cheapest product, like the NYX lipstick, I think you are doing yourself a disservice. Pay just a little bit more and get a product that will last a lot longer throughout the day and has a better pigment so you won't be using so much product.


*** If you purchase any products from the links in this post, I will receive a small commission. These products were purchased by me and these opinions are my own. 

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