Goals and Accomplishments

January 1, 2020

In December 2018, I made a list of goals and promptly forgot about them. At some point throughout 2019, I stumbled upon my list of goals in my phone’s notepad while I was looking for something else. I realized I had actually accomplished a few and I was so excited I decided to update the list. And then I forgot all about the list again. 


At the beginning of December 2019, I went to look at the list and realized there were only four out of around 10 things I actually accomplished. 


And you’re like, “Wow, four? That’s it?” And, at first I said the same thing. My first thought was, “Dang Toni, you really should have stepped it up!”


But  then I gave myself some grace. To be honest, there were things on my list that were a little unrealistic. One was to write a blog every week and post a video every week. And, that, for me, is just too much. I have never come close to posting that many blogs or videos in a month, and I should have known I wasn’t going to be able to accomplish that.





I also started thinking about all the things I did in 2019 that I had never even in my wildest imagination would have thought to write on my list. At the very beginning of the year, I interviewed for a television show (I didn’t get it, which is okay with me.). That experience alone was really pretty wild! But, the most mind blowing part for me is the person asked me about one thing I always wanted to do, but I’ve let my disability stand in the way, and whether I would like to accomplish this goal. I said I always wanted to walk a runway because one of my biggest hang ups about being an amputee is my limp. And I followed that up with I just don’t have that kind of opportunity where I’m from. But in September I basically ate my words because I walked a runway in freaking NYC during fashion week for DSW. Like...what?! How?! I manifested that without even meaning to. But was that on my list of 2019 goals? Heck freaking no!


So I guess what I’m trying to say is, write your list of goals if you want to, but give yourself grace, set attainable goals, be realistic and mindful. Or, don’t write any at all and just keep track of the amazing things that happen to you in 2020.


Here are a few photos of things I did this year that were completely unplanned, and totally wonderful!


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