Three thrifted, plus size outfits with holiday attire

December 12, 2019

My thrifting journey began back in college when ugly Christmas sweater parties were just beginning. We would all go to the thrift stores to find the ugliest sweater possible in hopes of making people laugh. 


However, until more recently that was really the only reason I would go thrifting. And while thrifting is still relatively new to me because I just really started getting interested in buying more second-hand pieces, I have been having so much fun finding interesting pieces I can't find brand new.


But, it's funny that I started out thrifting by looking for Christmas sweaters for fun, because now I have been in search of them to wear in my everyday life. What I used to find silly and weird, I now find really endearing and quirky. What I used to wear to a party, I am now wearing to work.


And I want to show you how you too can easily style plus-size, thrifted, holiday-themed sweaters and sweatshirts for work.


The first isn't a sweatshirt. It's a really fun turtleneck I love because it isn't in the typical Christmas-y colors. It's a fantastic teal color with silver-foiled hollies. I paired it with a chunky, thrifted, navy sweater and my favorite black, skinny jeans.


The second item is one of my all-time favorite thrifted items from 2019. It's a cozy sweater with trees, and different designs with deep red, green, brown, and black. I have actually had a lot of fun styling this sweater several times so far, but pairing it with this deep red tank, maroon beanie, and yellow skinny pants is by far my favorite look. 


The last is relatively casual. I paired my sweatshirt with a black turtleneck tank top, leggings, color coordinated holiday socks and brown flats. I am sure there will be a lot of people who wouldn't be able to wear this outfit to work, but it's perfect for bumming around on a weekend.


Comment below and tell me which outfit you loved the most and if you too love to style holiday-themed sweaters for everyday wear.

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