Welcome to the Pants Party

November 5, 2019

I remember when girls in high school started wearing skinny jeans. I was like, “I do NOT like the way they look. I will never wear them.” I judged those pants so harshly


I have to laugh at my 16-year-old self’s complete disdain for the pants I have basically worn every day for the past 8 - 10 years. 


I mean skinny jeans and leggings just make my life easier. If they are too long, I cut them. They don’t drag on the ground and get all ripped. They don’t get soggy and wet and muddy when it rains and snows.


So it shocks me quite a bit that I’m writing a post about wide-leg and flared pants right now. But, I’ve been enjoying switching it up from the same ole, same ole.


Flared Jeans

  • The first time I wore flared jeans, I felt like I was taking a step back in time to high school. I actually still own my most favorite pair of flared jeans from college. They don’t fit anymore, but I wanted to keep them because I love the wash so much. I really should part with them, but I keep thinking maybe I’ll somehow repurpose the material. Anyways...enough with memory lane...something I love about flared jeans is I get to feel a little bit like I am from the 70s. I have a few striped shirts that give me some 70s vibes that I adore. Pair that with some boots, and helloooo!

Flared Pants

  • Besides jeans, the only other type of flared pants I’ve owned were dress pants from when I was in DECA in high school. (We had to wear suits and business professional for different events.) But, I recently bought three pairs. Two from ASOS and one from Anthropology. The one from Anthro would be cropped on a average-heighted person, but are the perfect pant length for my shorty self. 


Wide-Leg Pants

  • Another pant trend I’ve been loving for a while now are wide leg pants. I have a pair of jeans that are a wider leg, and a few colorful pairs too. I also have an Anthro jumpsuit with wide legs that I absolutely adore. I’ve worn it to my friend’s wedding rehearsal and I’m looking for other fun things to wear it to next. 

My style, while I don’t know how to define it, is relatively simple. This means I don’t have to change too much to accommodate these pants. I can still wear them with graphic tees, jean jackets, sweaters, cardigans. I do feel like I enjoy going a little retro when I wear flared pants or jeans, but if there were more vintage options in plus size clothing, I think that would be my jam anyways. 


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