Alala size expansion review

October 6, 2019

*** I was gifted the items I am discussing, but all opinions are my own.


As a plus sized woman, working out is not easy. Not only does my body move differently than a smaller body, I also have to worry about being looked at and potentially judged while I'm doing it. 


A few years ago I was going to the gym about three days a week, for anywhere between a half hour to a full hour. I stopped going the day a man walked by me and said, "Way to go! Keep it up!" You're saying well he was just being encouraging...how nice. But to me, it felt very condescending. He didn't say it to the woman who was across from me who was skinny. He didn't say it to the man who was over in the corner who had big ole muscles. He said it to me, the fat woman.


It made me feel like people were looking at me, watching me, making sure I was going to keep going. Keep working at losing weight, because losing weight is the only thing that matters to people who go to the gym. (Now, I know not everyone who goes to the gym only cares about losing weight, but at the time, that's what it felt like.)


Anyways, over the years I've focused more on stretchy my body. I love a good chair yoga. I love to do adaptable workouts I've seen online or found on Pinterest. Moving my body to make it feel good, doesn't have to happen at the gym. When shooting these photos, I found a super adorable walking path with several benches, so I could take a couple stretch breaks along the way. I can't wait to go back and see what it looks like when all the leaves change their colors! It will be absolutely beautiful.


But, for me, moving my body has to happen comfy work out clothes. And the cuter the clothes, the more willing I am to put them on and move around. So I'm so happy Alala reached out when they started their #superbodies campaign, which is the kick off to their size expansion. They now have workout sets being sold all the way up to a 3xl. 


I was a little worried about work out clothes I picked (I chose the Cosmic set) sometimes a 3xl doesn't quite feel like a 3xl. But I felt like each piece was a good size. The pants were the perfect fit as with the sports bra. The sweatshirt, which was so freaking soft, was a little on the cropped side, but I actually really loved it. 


I love the shiny finish on the leggings with the sparkly details on the bottom and top, that matched the back of the sports bra and sweatshirt. Overall, I think even if you are someone who can fit between a 4xl and a 3xl, you will be able to wear this gear comfortably. (Please remember, all bodies are different and so if I'm wrong, it was just a general assumption.) If you want to give this company a shot, and get super cute work out gear, use the code Anneandkathleen for 15% off your purchase. 


I just want to note, I am super excited this company has expanded their sizes to 3xl, I really hope they will continue to expand their sizing even more.





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