Break the rules, baby!

October 3, 2019

I broke a major fashion rule. I wore white after Labor Day. OOoooOooOoooo! Send me to the principals office! 


Or join me in the fun. 


I got these jeans from Torrid forever ago. I even have a video on my YouTube channel where I DIY some distressing. After all this time, I never wore them because I was worried about getting them dirty.


Once I got over that fear, I decided I really like them. I started thinking about all the ways I could wear them into the fall because while I don't care about fashion rules, I usually stick with jewel tones for the fall and winter and bright colors in the spring and summer.


Below are four really easy ways to wear white jeans in the fall and, honestly, these outfits could even be carried over into the winter if you changed from flats to booties.


 First, I paired them with a simple black tee and really cozy green sweater. This outfit for sure could be worn into winter. Just add an extremely cozy sweater and it won't matter how cold it gets. 


Second, I really went for it and did a white top with the white jeans. If I had either a white denim jacket or a chunky white cardigan, you bet your ass I'd have worn that instead of the jean jacket.


 Third, I wanted to bring some pops of color to the outfit and added a rust mock neck long sleeve to another cozy dusty, rose sweater. I won't lie, this may be my favorite of the four.




And last, I love the idea of a chunky, mens sweater with these pants. This is actually my dads from when I was little and I absolutely love it because it's so worn in and soft.




Leave me a comment below with your favorite look or some other ideas for wearing white in the fall!

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