Where I shop, and why

June 24, 2019

"So cute! Where did you get that?"


My old responses:

- "I don't remember"

- "I don't share where I get my clothes."


Not a joke.


I didn't want people to get the same clothes as me so I could be different. I didn't tell people about ASOS for years. Only a verrrrry select few knew the majority of my wardrobe was from there. I am a highly competitive person and I think that's partially why I didn't want people to have the same things as me.


But...to be honest...there was another reason, too.


The real deal is I was okay with sharing brands like ASOS or Target or Old Navy. They had straight- to plus-sized clothes. People wouldn't know I had to shop in the plus size section. As if they couldn't tell by my size I would need larger clothes than they did.


I learned to be so ashamed of my body, I couldn't share with people one of my loves. Clothes. 


The stupid shit we talk ourselves into in order to fit in and not feel bad about our bodies...yeessshhh...I could go on and on.


Skip forward to starting this blog and jumping into the Instagram world of tagging and sharing brands, I realized I couldn't not share where I got my clothes in my real life if I was tagging brands in my life online. Slowly, I started telling people. At first, it was hard to get over talking to people who aren't plus-sized about clothing stores that are only for plus-sized people. I'm not sure why though, because they talk freely about the stores that are only for straight-sized people. I decided people know I am fat. They can see it. So it's obvious I wouldn't be able to fit into the clothes at places like Urban Outfitters...or...Francesca's.


Honestly writing this blog makes me feel a little (A LOT) embarrassed. Why does it freaking matter that I had to buy clothes from plus-sized stores?! In the grand scheme of life, that seems like probably the most trivial of all of my worries I ever had. Now, not only do I want to share where I purchased clothes, but I want to celebrate these brands for selling clothes to bigger bodies.


My top five favorites:


Let's start with the first store that ever made me feel like I belonged: Torrid.

I shopped at Torrid when the store was covered in black and red leather, flames were all over the walls. Studs and spikes were on more articles of clothing, than not. I purchased my favorite pair of jeans there in sixth grade. They were a flare dark denim. They hugged my legs, weren't too long and were so freaking cute. I remember the first casual clothes day (I went to a Catholic Grade School, so we wore uniforms daily) when I wore those jeans. I walked with so much confidence. I felt so good. Those jeans made me feel so strong. I will never ever forget the way Torrid made my young little heart feel at a time where fitting in meant so much.



Next up: Lane Bryant

I bought quite a bit from Lane Bryant, but the shopping trip that sticks out so specifically is the day I went shopping for my "big girl job" clothes. I hadn't yet graduated college, but I was starting my job as a Staff Writer at a local news paper. I went the weekend before my first day and I picked up just a few pieces. A dress and a few pairs of pants. Nothing too crazy. But I loved how professional I felt in those clothes. Whenever I need something that's a little more professional or business casual, Lane Bryant is my place to go. I also love their cotton cropped leggings. I stock up on those because I wear them regularly in the spring and summer...hell I wear them on warmer winter days too!


This place is self explanatory. I have been shopping here for about five years now. Like I said above, a large majority of my wardrobe is ASOS Curve. I have almost never needed to send an item back because the clothes are almost always true to size, or sometimes a little too big. I always feel like ASOS is a few steps ahead of other companies as far as trends. When I see a new trend pop up on their site, I know it won't be long before the trend shows up at other clothing companies, too.



I feel like in the past year, Target has really stepped up their game when it comes to plus-size fashion. With new brands coming along that sell clothes in straight- to plus-sized options, and super trendy options at that, they are really doing a good job. I will say, I wish their in-store selection would get a little better, but for the most part, it's okay.



I was so scared to buy from ModCloth before I made my first purchase. The clothes were so freaking adorable and I was so scared their sizing was going to be too good to be true. However, once I started buying from there, I can't stop. I love their vintage vibes and I love how funky some of their clothes are. I am really able to have fun with my wardrobe and liven things up because of this brand. While their clothes are kind of pricey, they have a lot of sales and I've never felt like I paid more than what an item deserved. The quality is pretty spot on for the price. 


Honorable Mentions:

Hello Holiday/Wear Majorette


Pink Clove


Old Navy


I really have a bad habit of being too nervous to try new stores. I get comfortable with their sizes and their style and I just stick to what I know. I want to try to be brave and shop at stores I've never shopped at before. Here are some places I haven't tried yet, but want to try: 




Yours Clothing




J. Crew

Pretty Little Thing



I know I there are so many more. I would love to try them all! What are stores you love to shop at and why? 





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