Spring dress styled 3 ways for winter

February 17, 2019

When I decided to live a more minimalistic life, I thought the most important thing was getting rid of things I don't need -- clothes, make up/beauty products, books, knickknacks...etc. I think another huge aspect of being more minimalistic, at least for me, is ending the need to buy just to buy.


When I was in college I wrote a paper about how I spend my money like it's burning a hole in my pocket. It's the one thing I really have control of. My parents, while fantastically supportive, have always been pretty strict. I had the earliest curfew of all of my friends. If I went out on Friday night, they were most likely to say no to going somewhere on Saturday.


When I started making my own money, they really couldn't tell me what I could or couldn't buy. If I wasn't using their money, why did they care what I was doing with it, ya know? So I just went wild. I was Arianna Grande in 7 Ring. If I liked it, I bought it. 


Blogging didn't help this issue. I thought I needed to keep up with all the other bloggers. I needed to have the newest things on all the websites. I needed to keep things fresh. I couldn't have an outfit or a clothing item photographed multiple times. I NEEDED new things all the time!!! 


I was out of control. I knew it. I could feel it. I could see it when I looked at my overflowing clostets (yes, multiple). I would question it in my head, but boy oh boy, I am the QUEEN of justifying purchases. I have joked about it so many times. But it's so freaking true.


Finally, I started to get rid of clothes because I realized it was out of hand. There was no more room for clothes. Getting rid of clothes was actually really easy. I didn't have Marie Kondo asking me if it sparked joy, her phenom started a few months later, but I did have a voice in my head telling me that if I couldn't come up with a way to wear it three to five ways on the spot, if I hadn't worn it in years, or if it was something I only bought to fit in rather than because I liked it, I needed to get rid of it.


However, lately, I have slowly started getting back into a pattern of feeling like I need to buy again. I am feeling a little worn down with the clothes I still have and I am losing inspiration. But I also realized, I have been getting a little lazy and lax with my outfit choices. I'm not trying to take risks and I'm just putting the same things with the same things. So instead of buying, and reverting back to old patterns, I want to figure out a new solution.


I decided to try to figure out a way to style a dress I mostly wear in the spring/summer because the material is so light, for a few winter looks. Below are the looks. While, they aren't too out there or too different, (I kept the same tights on because I don't own a lot of tights.) they are gave me three different vibes while wearing them. 


The first is a grungy 90s look. I added a flannel and vans. I could see adding some dark lipstick, and a big scrunchie to really take it up a notch.


The second gave me chilling-in-a-second-hand-bookstore-unironically vibes. I felt really cute and hipster-y. More like a Baby-Sitter's Club (the movie) vibe. (Just know besides any and all Mary-Kate and Ashley movies, this movie was probably the most Blockbuster rented movies for my family. My mom would have saved a lot of money if she would have just bought me the movie instead.) 


The last, I feel like this is an outfit I would wear to work. This one feels the most business casual of them all to me. However, I would totally wear all three outfits to work. 

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