Four girls, four looks

July 18, 2018

July’s series is a little different. I didn’t pick the outfits and I didn’t base them off characters. Instead, I asked my cousins to pick an outfit out they love and would love to wear from Pinterest and then I was going to try to duplicate it.

My cousins are four sisters who range between the ages of 9 to 13. And while they all have similarities, they are so unbelievably different. I wanted to see if their styles would be just as distinct as their personalities.

And I was totally right! All the looks are things I love, but I can see their personality peaking through each one.

If you check out my Instagram this week, you will see my version of each outfit. 

*** All photo inspirations in order from left to right . 

First is M. She the oldest and actually takes most of my photos. She’s the epitome of a pre-teen and reminds me of myself at her age. She’s smart and loves to play sports, watch sports, she’s on her phone allllll the time, and she is pretty low maintenance when it comes to clothes. Her outfit she picked is basically the exact thing I thought she was going to pick. It’s super casual, but has the potential to be dressed up with the right accessories. For work, I switched out the jean jacket for a sweater, though.


Next up is L. She’s 11 and can be so unbelievably sweet but can also be super spicy and I love that about her. I think her perfect world include unicorns, mermaids, leprechauns and fairies. Her outfit, to me, was super classic and simple and I can totally see her wearing it.

Next is K. She’s the second oldest and probably the most laid back of the sisters. She plays sports but she seems to be a girly girl when she wants to be. Earlier she got this dress which she picked out herself and she was so excited about it and it was supes adorable. Her outfit shocked me the most. And actually she had to pick out a different one from her original because the pants I bought for the first outfit were too big and needed to be returned. But her outfit feels super classic and chic.

Last is J. She’s the youngest and the craziest of the bunch. She’s loud and funky and really sassy. And then she can also be extremely compassionate in the next breath. Her style is extremely feminine. I would describe the outfit she picked as “romantic” even. She loves to wear heals and dresses and rompers and when they showed me her pick, it was everything I was imagining.

This was maybe one of my favorite series yet because I got to put my trust in someone else and they totally delivered. It’s totally inspired other outfit series for the future!

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