Aloha shirt for all occasions

July 6, 2018

A few weeks ago a friend texted me to ask for some suggestions on finding edgy outfit options. Because I could spend HOURS looking for outfit dupes, I went to work.

During my search I came across an outfit on Pinterest with a girl wearing an Aloha shirt with black jeans and heals. I fell in absolute love with the outfit. My friend wasn’t really sold on it because she wasn’t sure how else she could style a shirt like that more than once. I told her to skip that idea and we found some other options but that outfit I saw kept nagging at me.

When I found some really adorable Aloha shirts at ASOS in the men’s plus section, I knew it was fate. So below are just four suppppper simple ways to style an Aloha shirt. I’m sure I could have come up with more, and I know I will, because not only is it a perfect look for summer, but depending on the pattern and colors, I could see it being easily transitioned into my fall wardrobe too.

*** Please note these shirts are commonly referred to as Hawaiian shirts, but through some research, I am almost positive the correct term is indeed “Aloha shirt.” If I am wrong, I will gladly correct my verbiage. 😊 

Paired with a tank and a jean skirt for a cute Saturday filled with errands! I need a straw bag to jazz it up! If you want a simple way to take this look from day to night, layer the aloha shirt over a crop top or bralette and show a little skin. And of course, switch the converse for some sandals.  Or don’t. Do whatever feels right!


Paired with some casual shorts and a tank for a casual day at the lake or beach. Add a cute straw hat to complete the look!


I love this look for a night out. For this photo I just hiked up my tank because I forgot a crop top but it’d be as simple as layering this shirt over a plain crop top to make it a little nicer. I would totally switch out the tennier for a pair of wedges if I could wear wedges. 


I am planning on wearing this exact outfit to work sometime next week because I adore it. I will probably end up tying the shirt in a knot just to make it look a little more dressed up. I want to add a cute pair of earring and maybe a simple necklace too!


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