Shorts season

May 1, 2018

I never used to wear shorts. I wanted to cover my leg up as much as possible because I was so worried about people looking at me.

But that was then and this is now, baby!

I mean wearing shorts doesn’t actually hide my prosthesis. I walk with a limp, so it’s not as if I’m hiding anything! And, honestly, I shouldn’t feel like I need to hide. It took me years to figure out that I don’t need to hide this piece of me.

And now that I have made my piece with people seeing my legs, I don’t mind wearing things that shows them off.

Shorts have slowly become one of my obsessions the last few years and I love how easy they are to dress up and dress down. In fact, I love them more than skirts but tbh that’s mostly because if I fall, I won’t be showing the whole world my panties! (Lolz)

Here are a few of my favorite pairs for this spring. I love a good printed pair of shorts so I can either wear them with a plain top or switch it up a bit and mix my prints.

The first two pairs are from ASOS I got a few months ago and the third pair I thrifted. I also have a fourth pair that’s actually a pair of black linen overalls from Torrid I absolutely adore and wish I could find in a million colors. 


First up are these super cute gigham shorts from ASOS. They have a fun little cutout on the leg with a tie. Here, I paired mixed this print with a bright, summery lemon print. I’ve also decided to try them with a chambray too. I’ll be sure to post a picture of that combo when I get the chance. 


Second, I have these 70s inspired striped short, also from ASOS. I went with a graphic tee here, but I love the idea of wearing them with a faux turtleneck shirt. I just haven’t found one I like yet. 


Last up, I have a floral pair. Who doesn’t love a good floral print for Spring?! I found these during a brief thrift trip probably at the end of last season. They were a little long, o I have to shorten them, but I love them. Here, again I mixed prints and went with my favorite combo: stripes and flowers. I will admit I’m not sure I love how bold this stripe looks with this particular flower print. Next time, I may pair a different striped shirts with them. One that has thinner stripes. I also love the idea of a graphic tee. If I could wear heals, I’d dress them up with a pair of black heals and a cutie black top.


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