90s sitcom fashion challenge

March 31, 2018

I read somewhere kids from the 90s are more nostalgic than any other decade because things changed so rapidly during the first 10-15 years of our lives, we have more things to remember.


And whether that’s true or not, I don’t know, and I don’t really care because it’s pretty true for me. I often think about things from my childhood, and I immediately get happy when something from my childhood worms it’s way into my adult life.


I’m not just talking about toys though. Sure I love Barbie’s and Leggos and pogs. But I’m also talking about the music, the movies, and mostly the television shows. 


I’m almost positive there is nothing better than 30 minutes of the Tanner’s arguing, making up and typically hugging it out. Or an episode filled with Nanny Fine getting into some hair brain scheme. 


Reruns are the perfect opportunity to relive those magical tv moments. And they are also an opportunity to relive my other favorite thing about these shows: 90s fashion. This week I took these memories to the next level by finding some of the most iconic outfits (in my opinion) from some of my favorite 90s shows and recreated the looks.


It was important for me to do this challenge knowing my body is extremely different from the original wearers because growing up, there weren’t very many body types like mine on television and if they were there, these women were for sure not dressed in the same styles. Right now, I could be drawing a blank, but I can’t come up with a sitcom with a plus-sized character besides Roseanne and tbh I was never a fan of that show so I never watched it. So in doing this challenge, I was letting free all my childhood fears, and hopes, about needing a particular body in order to wear these types of clothes. 


They are outfits I have loved after finding on Pinterest while looking up other 90s-inspired fashion, or they were outfits I could recreate without dropping too much cash (Sis is on a budget thank you very much!).


First up was a dress from Stephanie Tanner. If you don’t remember the iconic scene between her, Gia and Mickey in the bathroom talking about smoking, I’ll just assume you missed that episode. Because, for me, and I think a lot of people my age, it’s probably one of those scenes we don’t forget. Anyways as cool as Mickey’s outfit is when we met her for the first time, I chose Stephanie’s. Mostly because it goes more with my style than Mickey’s did but also because I already knew the dress I used was on ASOS and I’d been looking for an excuse to buy it.



Next, I chose an outfit from Fran Fine. I loved “The Nanny” when I was younger. It was probably one of my favorites. I just loved how lovable Fran was and I loved her style. She always took a risk and it always paid off. The outfit I chose was not her craziest by far and probably not the most memorable, but I loved it anyways. 



The third outfit is the outfit that gave me the idea to make this into a weeklong series. It’s a Topanga outfit I remember loving when I saw it on television and an outfit I’ve been wanting to recreate for years since I saw it on Pinterest while looking up 90s fashion inspiration. I searched far and wide to find a floral green skirt in a plus size, but didn’t have luck. I settled (for lack of a better word, because it didn’t feel like settling after all) for a green skirt with math equations all over it. I already had cut off the sleeves of the denim shirt a few weeks ago and who doesn’t own 78 different white tees? So it ended up being relatively easy once I decided on the skirt. 



My Thursday outfit idea came after I found the dress on Modcloth. I saw the space design and instantly thought of Ms. Frizzle. It was as simple as finding the perfect dress at the perfect time for the perfect occasion.



And my last outfit...oh my last outfit is...it may be my favorite thing I’ve ever worn. It’s my favorite from this week for sure. It’s an outfit I have adored for years. It’s something I always thought I would wear if I ever lost weight and got to be as skinny as the woman wearing it. But I found the skirt I’m wearing while looking for the green skirt for Topanga’s outfit and I knew right then and there I needed to stop worrying about not looking like the woman wearing the original outfit and just embrace my body in the recreated outfit. And when I put it on. And finally saw the pictures of myself in it, I knew I made the right choice. Without further ado...Me, as Kelly Kapowski:



One of the best parts about this series for me is realizing I don’t actually need to look like these women to dress like them. I’ve loved some of these outfits for a long time and I was the only thing holding me back from wearing them. It’s important to see multiple body types in clothes that are considered beautiful and in style. After all, style isn’t set for one type of person, it’s for all people.


This week also reminded me that fashion is fun and can be about taking risks. Besides the Stephanie Tanner dress, none of these outfits are anything I would have ever put together on my own. It was a chance for me to play around with pieces I already had in my closet and think about different ways to wear them. It was just a nice refresher I didn’t know I needed. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. I already have plans for more. And if you have ideas and recreations, tag me or #90ssitcomfashionchallenge on Instagram so I can see your ideas!

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