Your clothes, your choice

February 4, 2018

I will never stop talking about the way clothes make me feel. It’s something I’m so passionate about because I only hope for people to be happy in what they are wearing. I want them to experience joy and happiness and any other emotion while wearing a piece that excites them.

When I saw this Torrid embroidered anorak jacket, my heart pumped so hard. I could feel it squeeze a little tighter and I couldn’t take my eyes off the impeccable details. 

But aside from the actual style and look of the jacket, what excited me the most was the saying on the back. “Property of No One.”

What a statement.

Just within the past year I have become a bit of a feminist. And I say “bit” because I’m not sure where I fit in on the feminist scale. I want equality for women, for damn sure. But I also just really want women to feel they get to make their own choices.

If you’re the type of woman who wants the be the CEO and you want to be the bread winner, work hard girl! If you want to stop shaving your armpits and your legs, I’m here for it. If you want to stay at home and let your s/o provide for your family, do the damn thang, sis! Being a feminist to me is being a woman who makes these choices on her own. Being a feminist to me is supporting other women’s choices and not judging them for making completely different choices from your own. Being a feminist to me is living out your best life, and being happy in your skin.

So this jacket spoke to me because not only because it made me feel deep in my bones, but it also gives me an opportunity to pass that message along to anyone who sees it. And that includes the women who have a hard time with living out their life, without letting their s/o make their choices for them. I want every woman to be strong enough to wear anything and everything that makes her happy.


I don’t know how many times I hear women I know talk about their s/o’s opinion of their hair or their make up or their clothes and it shocks me when they let those opinions impacts their choices. I understand asking for a second opinion. I understand women wanting their man to think they are beautiful, sexy, cute, wonderful. But I’m talking about when friends of mine think a pair of jeans are super cute, or they think tucking jeans into boots looks better, or when they love the brightness of a sweater and they light up while talking about these things and then seeing the light in their eye dim because their s/o doesn’t like it. Or thinks it’s ugly. Or says it’s too out there.

Like, sorry, dude. You’re wife lets you leave the house (and probably walks around in public with you) in cargo shorts in 2018, so you can handle her wearing a dope ass pair of boots that she has been so excited to get in the mail for a week now even when you liked a different pair better.

Like I said, I understand compromise is extremely important in a relationship (it’s something I struggle with, probably why I’ll be single forever). I get there is give and take. I get everyone doesn’t always get what they want 100% of the time. I’m not talking big picture. I’m talking style.

I’d like to think clothes and accessories and hair should be a choice made by the person wearing them (unless it’s a uniform or a bridemaid/groomsman outfit, because then you’re just SOL in that lime green and brown accented dress...). Clothes should make you feel good. Feel bold. Feel like your heart is pounding. They shouldn’t make you feel like you are giving up who you are for someone else. You aren’t anyone’s property. You have the free will to make your choice, so take full advantage. 

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