A Little Bobby Pin for the Win

January 3, 2018

I love a good hair accessory. I have posted several before and I just like to share new finds.


For Christmas my Goddaughter gave me a few sets of bobby pins with fun jewels and embellishments on them. 

This set is my favorite, I will post more in my Instagram story tomorrow, with links.

The brand is La-ta-da, and can be found here and purchased at Target.


The thing about these accessories is they aren't just helping your hair look better, they are sold with good intentions. According to the company's website, "With each item purchased, La-ta-da is partnering with Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation’s adolescent girl campaign, to provide leadership development training to empower girls to change the world." (There is a note at the bottom of the website saying La-ta-da donates one cent per each item sold. I'm not sure if that means literally every item or if it's is talking about each set purchased. For example, I was gifted three sets, with a total of 11 items. So that's either $.11 or $.03 from one purchase. If I find out more about the details, I will let y'all know.) I love finding out companies are doing more than just creating beauty items. I love when they are also helping people or the environment.


If you can't find anything you like from La-ta-da, I thought I would give you a few other options:


Francesca's Penelope Crystal Hair Clips









Anthropologie's Shapes Bobby Pin Set:












Here are some cheaper options: 

ASOS' Aldo Nianeil Star & Moon Hair Pins:














ASOS' Zigzag Hair Pins:










Or, If you want to take a different route for bobby pins, try DIYing them. Here are a few quick ideas:


Nail polished bobby pins:









Just take some of your favorite colors and carefully paint the top of the bobby pin. (Quick note, make sure you have something between the two prongs so they don't stick together.) 


 Button bobby pins: 









I have several buttons from my great grandmas, grandmas, aunts and mom. I've made a few button bracelets in my day and I recently added some to bobby pins using a hot glue gun. I love the antique look.


I love that bobby pins are not only being used as a way to keep my hair out of my face, but also with all these different options, it's a chance to add a little extra to my outfits!






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