Let me re-introduce myself

December 18, 2017

I think one of the best parts about having a blog is creating relationships and communicating with people who I’ve never met and probably will never meet but still finding commonalities with each other anyways. We are all so different but we all go through the same struggles and it’s been so humbling to hear and see how others handle situations I find myself in also — to learn and to grow from their advice and to hopefully share advice with my readers.


To do this, the first step is introducing myself. It’s something I’ve already done about a year ago when I first started my website, but it’s been a while so I want to make sure any newbies out here get a chance to know a little more about me.


My name is Toni — not Anne or Kathleen. Those are my grandmothers’ names. I chose to name my site after them because both women have taught me so much about compassion and character. I strive to be more like them everyday. And with this blog I have set out to share their lessons with others.



I like to focus on body positivity and kindness because I feel like the world could always use more of both. As an amputee I also want to spread a message of acceptance and inclusion to abled and non-abled bodies.


Take a gander around my site. When you read my posts, you will find I dig deep sometimes and I am still a work in progress. I’m not perfect but I don’t think we need to be.


Before you go explore, though, here’s a few fun, quick, simple facts about me. These are 10 of my favorite things:


1. Urban Decay liquid lip. Out all the liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, this is my favorite. It almost feels like I’m not wearing any lipstick at all, it doesn’t really dry my lips out and it stays on almost all day (with touch ups here and there throughout the day).

2. Harry Potter. There is nothing I don’t love about Harry Potter. I watch the movies regularly. I’ve read all the books and I’m on my third time reading all the way through in order. I know my house, my patronus, my wand and even what house I’m in at Ilvermorny. Let’s chat all about our favorite HP everything, please!

3. Chipotle. Day guac doh! I don’t need to say more.
4. ASOS. I discovered this store years ago and I think it’s probably one of the best size inclusive brands ever. The clothes aren’t over priced because there are plenty of cheap options for those who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for fashionable clothes. To make it even better, I don’t feel like even though they’ve become more popular in the past few years, they’ve upped their prices just to make more money. I also feel like a lot of their clothes are a step ahead of fashion trends because sometimes I’ll see a trend and a few months later everyone else is selling similar items.
5. Neutrals. I wear neutrals all the time. I love an all black outfit. It gives me life. Mixing my neutrals is my jam.
6. Scrunchies. Tbh, I’ve been hoping for a scrunchies comeback since about 2013 and I’m never giving them up again.
7. Cacti and succulents. Give them all to me in all combinations and colors and types. I need them in my life forever.
8. Crafting. I can’t pick one craft I love more. Every week I feel like I have a new crafting addiction. Embroidery. Painting. Yarn art. Wood burning. Soap making. If it can be DIYed, I’m doing it.
9. Halloween. September first rolls around and my Halloween decorations go up. I am already planning next years’ costume. It’s serious business.
10. Jean jackets. This is my staple clothing item and I will never not own one. They can dress a sweats up and dress a too-fancy dress down. They come in all colors and styles. I have a firm belief that there is not one person who can’t find their perfect jean jacket. I own three of them and I’m not ashamed.

Now that I’ve shared a little bit more about myself, I really look forward to hearing from you! Share your favorites. Movies, books, music, food, anything and everything. Let’s chat! 

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