Let me see your grill...your what...your grill...

July 25, 2017

I spontaneously bought a grill last Sunday. I also bought a bed...but let's not talk about my very expensive shopping spree. 


Let's just talk about the grill and how amazing it is to know how to grill all the things. Okay fine...I've only grilled twice now...but I mean...I'm a master griller at this point.


My parents have a grill I could have used but it's really big and in our garage, which is downstairs and our kitchen is upstairs. It's like a whole ordeal when we want to grill something. And we only grill a few times a month because of it.


I was at my brother's house last Saturday and he had a cutie lil tabletop grill that looked way less demanding than the one at home. So I called him Sunday morning and he went with me to pick out a grill of my own.


I have been looking up all sorts of recipes and am excited to try out grilled peaches, kabobs, pizza and more.


This grill has given me a whole new taste of independence I didn't know I wanted. I still live with my parents because while I have a job I actually enjoy, it doesn't earn me a lot of money. It's a really sore subject for me because I want to be on my own but it's not possible at this point in my life to purchase it by myself.


And I know a lot of people say there are things I could change in order to save more money...like not buy a grill and a bed all on the same day *insert eye roll emoji here* but I know my finances. Within the past few years I have finally gotten a hold of them and started making changes and making up for the dumb choices I made in college (credit card debt up to eyeballs, people).


Now, I am working on purchasing things slowly for a house when I have to chance to buy one in a couple years. Hence the grill and the bed.


Now, I just get to enjoy the fruits (or in this case the veggies and pork chops) of my labor.


Now, I just get to send pictures of my delicious meals to my brother so he knows he's got some major competition when it comes to grilling.



*** for my zucchini and Brussels sprouts I used evoo, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper and Italian seasoning


*** for my porkchops I marinated some in zesty Italian dressing and some in Jack Daniels BBQ sauce overnight. 

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