30 clothing item challenge

July 9, 2017

Something I don't think I've talked about yet is my obsession with tiny houses. I have watched almost every tiny house show I can find, I've started designing my own, I've googled tiny houses for sale, I know my state's guidelines on them and I have begged and pleaded with my dad and brother to build me one.


With a tiny home, however, comes living minimalistic. I cannot lie and say that is something I would be good at. Especially with the amount of clothes I own. My mom jokes with me all the time saying I need a two bedroom house so I can have one room and my clothes can have their own room. And she's not wrong. I have my closet full, my brother's old closet full, a clothing rack, and then that's not including the dirty clothes I have because I probably can't have every single piece of my wardrobe washed at once or it won't all fit in my closets.


To say I have a bit of a clothes problem, is putting it lightly. 


So I have a plan. I am going to try a 30 clothing item challenge. For one month I am only going to use only 30 pieces in my closet to create different looks with. In the hopes of decluttering and working on buying smarter, I want to be able to use this challenge to help me figure out what in my closet is important and what I can get rid of.


One of my biggest problems is I have a hard time repeating outfits. I feel like people will judge me for rewearing my clothes so soon after each other. I know it's really dumb and honestly I do wear some of the same staple items on a regular basis anyways, so my fear is really invalid.


My other issue is I get bored with things I wear too often and I stop liking it after a while. In fact, I'm using my jean jumper I absolutely adore (I have even blogged about it here.) as one of my pieces and I'm scared it's going to make me grow to hate it because I will be bored of it after wearing it so much. 


As a solution to this problem I will be posting how I've been able to rework different items so my wardrobe doesn't make me bored. And I have a feeling this is really going to give me the opportunity to take some risks in order to keep things fresh and new. 


The picture below is of the items I will be using, minus about four things that weren't washed yet when I took it. *insert tongue out/winking emoji* 





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