Say "yaaaaassss" to the dress

June 13, 2017

When I was little my mom had a jean jumper I coveted!


I remember she used to wear it with a dark blue shirt all the time and her white leather Keds. I used to play dress up in it all the time. We'd tighten the straps and then knot them with a pony tail in the back so they stayed up. It had pockets and I'd always find random things she'd leave in them. Money, Kleenex, gum wrappers. Just junk, but always something. 


I think once or twice I got to actually wear it, but when I was finally old enough/big enough for it to really fit, jumpers went out of style.


I was upset when that jean jumper hit the Goodwill pile and I know she kept it way longer than she should have, but eventually as all old items do, they moved on to someone else who needed it more than us. 


When jumpers and overalls started coming back in style, I was nervous to buy one in fear it wouldn't fit. It would have been so devastating to have it in my grasp and not be able to wear it. That changed last week when a girl I work with walked in with a jean jumper on. I stopped mid-story and had a full on moment over her outfit.

Ten minutes later I was on ASOS.com finding one for myself. I got it in the mail on Friday and I had been dying all weekend to wear the dress. The minute I put it on this morning I was like, "yaaasss, girl!" I'm laying in bed, still just geeking out over how amazing it is I got to wear it! At one point I think I said, "there is nothing someone could say to put me in a bad mood when I am wearing this dress!" And as silly as it sounds...I meant it. 



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