My nails be lookin sharp

June 12, 2017

Remember when I talked about how I am the queen of a nude nail? 


No? Okay, well I love nothing more than a classic nude nail. It looks and feels so fresh! 


However, you know what's even better? When you try out a fun design and it works out! 


Today I spent an hour on my nails...shaping them, buffing then, cleaning my cuticles...all the things. And then I tried out painting a cactus, because I have an addiction to them.


(#plantladyisthenewcatlady, amiright?!)


Anyways, I used a dark green polish on a styling wand (I have no idea if that's what they are called, btdub.) to carefully draw in a small cactuse and then added the same pink as on my other nails to add a small flower to the tops. 



I know cacti are super in right now and I couldn't be more happy. I have loved these little suckers for a few years now since my aunt brought my grandma Kathleen one for her home in TX.


Anyways, I think it's just a cute little nail design perfect for summer! 

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