Tiny changes can cause big results.

May 30, 2017

I love to help people find outfits and wear clothes that make them feel confident in who they are. 


I think one of the most exciting things about clothes is how much they can change your mood and your demeanor when you feel some type of way in them. 


When I wear all black, I feel like a badass mother fucker. No one can mess with me or get in my way when I am rockin it out. When I wear a floral dress, I feel so dainty and delicate, except for when I pair them with chucks. I feel a little tomboy-esque and I don't have a problem getting a little messy. When I get dressed up for the night and I've got my make up on, my hair all sassy, I feel like I can conquer the world. 


So if I get all these different feelings, I really love when I am able to help someone look their best, whether they are casually dressed, or gussied up to the nines so they can feel these things too. 


This weekend, I was out of town for a bachelorette weekend and one of my friend's was getting ready and I saw her put on a denim shirt with short sleeves over a striped top, but when we left for the evening she wasn't wearing it. The next morning, she came down to the lobby in the top over a tank and I made sure to tell her I loved it because I hadn't the night before and maybe if I had she would have worn it?? Anyways, she mentioned she needed some help styling it because she wasn't comfortable with the way it just hung there with no shape. 


When we got to where we were going I did a simple fix by tying a small knot and buttoning a couple buttons. It was just a slight difference but it totally changed her shape and brought it in so it wasn't so boxy. And while I'm learning not worry about that because I just enjoy all clothes, I know it's still a stigma for a lot of people. And I just want people to feel confident, so I'll do whatever I can to help with that.


And while I don't think we should only value ourselves on our appearance, I don't think there is anything wrong with having clothes that make you feel good. If you feel good in your outfit, or with your hairstyle, or whatever else, for me, it has always been a lot easier to fake confidence in other areas until you really believe in yourself in all aspects of your life. 


Below are some before and after a if her outfit:


And I'm not sure if my friend will kill me for this, but let's just talk about how good thing her shirt made her ass look! HEYYOOO!!


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