Here for the fun...not the pressure.

May 24, 2017

I was at my grandma Kathleen's the other day and we were talking about my life and the things I've been doing. I like to catch her up at least once a month and she enjoys listening to my stories about silly situations I get myself into.


She made a comment about how busy I have been lately and I told her I've been doing a lot with my website and taking pictures and things. And she said, "well just make sure you rest, too,"


And it made me think about how much pressure I've been putting on myself to get this blog moving and grooving. How much more money I've been spending to buy cute accessories and outfits so I could take cool pictures and so I could keep up with the bloggers and "grammers" who I follow. And I can't do that to myself. 


For one, I'm a broke 20-something who still lives with her parents. I don't have a pot to piss in, let along, the boocoo bucks it would take to keep up with these women who probably get a lot of these clothes for free because stores send the clothes to them. For two, plain and simple, I am not those women. I am me. I don't need to be like them. I don't need to be anyone but who I am. I cannot compare myself to them. We do not have the same story, we do not live the same life.


And, for three, I didn't go into this with the intent of becoming "insta-famous." I went into this because I love clothes. I love design. I love food. I love to encourage people to believe in themselves. I went into the blogging thing to have fun. If it's becoming too serious and too mind-consuming, I'm doing it for the wrong reason.



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