A sundress a day is the only way

May 18, 2017

Can I just live in sundresses?!


They are the cutest, easiest outfit choice ever. I try to wear them as much as possible. In the morning when I'm running late, you better believe I'm putting on a dress and throwing my hair up in a topknot -- wet hair and all! 


But to make my life even better, I have started channeling Kristy from "Babysitters Club" by pairing them with some chucks (yes, I just made a Babysitters Club reference...no I'm not ashamed.)


My favorite place to buy dresses is ASOS. I have such good luck there. I haven't bought a lot of other products from them, but if I'm wearing a dress, you could probably bet money that it's from ASOS. 


I have a few fromTorrid and Lane Bryant, but if you have suggestions on shops with great/affordable plus size dresses, I am always on the hunt!


Here are a few of my fave from ASOS: 


A similar dress-style, with a pineapple pattern, can be found here. The same dress can be found here

This is from last season. A comparable dress, can be found here.

This is from last season. Here is a comparable dress, with longer sleeves.

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