Shoulda put a [midi] ring on it

April 28, 2017

Accessories are my new favorite thing. I never understood how complete a statement necklace or a couple bracelets could really pull an outfit together. 


Over the years I've bought and purged hundreds of jewlery pieces. In fact I just went through my jewlery boxes a couple weeks ago and tossed all my old, rusted, ruined costume jewlery that couldn't be salvaged, or those that didn't even deserve to be salvaged.


I was able to save some bracelets and rings that are still relevant and wearable. I also have been saving up quite a collection of necklaces I like to rotate on a regular basis.


But, my newest fave are midi rings - the rings that sit between your first and second finger knuckle.


Hella adorable.


I know they've been around for years, but I bought my first one last summer at the Container Mall in Lad Vegas. (I really wish I could remember the name of the store because I would love to do some online shopping!) It was a rose gold ring with two arrows on each end, overlapping each other. It's simple and delicate and the perfect addition to my mixed medal ring I got from a similar store on Fremont Street that same week.


For the longest time they were the only rings I wore, besides my birthstone ring I wear everyday. Really wanting to add to my collection, though, I purchased a pack of mixed midi and regular rings from Torrid about two weeks ago and I have barely taken them off.


The rings are so fun and, depending on the amount I wear at one time, can either add a simple touch or a demanding statement to my outfit. Now I need more. I need all the midi rings. 




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