I get it from my grandma

April 5, 2017

One of my all time favorite movies growing up was Grease. I watched it whenever it was on. I always begged my mom to rent it from Blockbuster (It probably would have been cheaper to buy the freaking movie.). I loved the singing and the dancing, of course, but it was the outfits I loved the most.

I mean, Sandy's outfit when she's sitting on the cement hill watching the race?! The peach dress and the stark-white Keds?!? I wanted that outfit. I wanted to have a dress so poofy it bunched around my legs when I sat on a cement hill, just like her. I wanted a Pink Lady's jacket. I wanted Marty's glasses from the lunch scene. I love the pencil skirts, the cute red and white shorts Rizzo wears in the last scene, the dress Cha-Cha DiGregorio has on at the dance and the little neck scarves. 


Because fashion tends to repeat itself, I've had the opportunity to wear almost all of these trends as they've made their return in some form or another. Yes, even the peach dress with Keds! Last summer I bought a dusty rose colored skater skirt from ASOS I wore with my white Keds about 284 times. It was such a relaxing go-to outfit, I know I will repeat it a million times this year.


The one trend that has taken years to come back, though, are the 50s neck scarves every female in the movie sports. Sure, scarves have been a trend for years, but big and flowy. The difference with these are they are small, skinny accessories, that add to your outfit, instead of becoming the focal point. 

Needless to say, I have been looking for cute, inexpensive neck scarves to add pops of colors. I haven't really found any that I have been dying for, and that's when I remembered my mom used to have a bunch of scarves and old-style hankies in her wardrobe from my grandma Anne. When I was little, I used to go through them and picked out the prettiest ones with elaborate embroidered floral designs. It made me think there had to have been something in that collection I could use as a neck scarf, but when I went to look for them I couldn't find anything but hankies and head scarves she used to wear to Mass. They were too delicate to wear as everyday items. 


Then tonight I stopped by Grandma Kathleen's house on my way home to see if she could hook a girl up. She has a collection of things she's kept over the years. Not a lot, but things she's deemed special enough not to not sell in garage sales or give away to Goodwills. When I showed her what I was looking for, she took me downstairs where she has a dresser they don't use anymore. We spent 20 minutes looking through old aprons, her wedding skirt that held the hoop from her dress, her wedding negligee *insert blushing emoji* which she giggled over. She also had mostly hair scarves, but there were three pieces I absolutely adored. 



 The first two I loved were perfect. One was a fun little spring scarf with a yellow, pink and light blue paisley print. The second, while I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to wear it, has gorgeous deep colors that I can't wait to style. The third, and the ultimate, was the most gorgeous light blue, tulle fabric with a flower pattern. I wanted to wear it errwhere! but it was so delicate. You could see a few tiny snags and the stitching was coming undone. "I must have worn this all the time," my grandma said. While I really wish I could have taken that scarf, I could tell it was something special to her and something I wouldn't want to ruin.


And while I love Grease, the scarves and fashion in general, I know the most meaningful part of this story are those moments I got to spend with my grandma, listening to her talk about how she used to wear the scarves and what she wore them with. The laughs we shared when she tried putting her Easter hat on me. Or the panic when we couldn't figure out how to get everything back the way we got it so it all fit in the drawer again. The conversations we shared after about work and things going on in my life. Those moments are way more important to me than finding the perfect scarf, or wearing an outfit I envy from my favorite movies. Those moments are what inspire me to be who I am - to be goofy as much as I can, to look at my past to help with my future, to sit back for a moment and just chat about everything and nothing.

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