Monday morning mandatories

April 3, 2017

My morning routine was all out of whack today. I woke up late. I had to hunt for an outfit because I didn't plan it the night before. I didn't have enough time to put my make up on or fix my hair. My only saving grace my premade lunch and yogurt I grabbed as I ran out the door. 


Luckily, I thought to take some of my make up with me to quickly put on once I got to the office. I just grabbed the quick essentials and went on my way. 


(Oh, but don't worry, I made the time to stop for a coffee because...Monday...amiright?!?) 


***Thanks to March's Ipsy bag, btw. Hellaaa cute! 

Before I left the house, I added some MaryKay anti-aging face lotion my mom swears by...and supplies me with. *inserts winky-eyed emoji* 


I have slight rosacea so I always add some sort of redness corrector. While Smashbox's isn't my favorite because I like one with more pigment, this was perfect in a pinch. I love Naked Skin One and Done by Urban Decay (Medium Light) because it's so much lighter than a regular foundation and it goes on a bit smoother when I am in a hurry and don't have an application sponge.


Next, I swiped Ulta's Cheak & Lip in Peachy to the apples of my cheeks and up to my hairline. I use my ring finger (tapping, not rubbing) to spread it around. 


And my newest obsession are eye shadow sticks! They make my life sooooo much easier. I remember having similar products like this back in middle school with more glitter than pigment, but these NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils and Sephora Colorful Shadow & Liner sticks are nothing like the cheap, children make up from the early 00s.


The color goes on so smooth and with a few light taps with my ring finger the different colors blend easily. This morning I started with Sephora's Secret Boudior all over my lid and the inner corner to middle of my lower eye. I used NYX's Iced Mocha as a thicker line of eyeliner of sorts on my lid and the putter corner to meet with the lighter color on bottom. Last, I added NYX's Cottage Cheese to my brow line and the very corners of my eyes. Like I said, I then tapped my lid with my ring finger to  softly blend the colors. 


Unfortunately I didn't grab mascara, but that's okay because my eyelashes are flat and I would have needed to grab my lash curler and that was just too much effort for this Monday morning!


I ended my look with Ipsy bag treats! I used trèStique Florence Fig, topped with Trust Fund Beauty's Method to the Madness lip gloss on my lips to finish my quick, easy, minimalistic look. (Btw, anyone else love that we are moving on from the matte obsession?! I mean, ya girl loves her some matte lips, but I'm so excited for some variety!)

Last but not least, I rubbed some Elizabeth and James of my wrists and behind my ears. If you've never smelled this stuff, go right now. I'm sure this is what me Heaven will smell like!


Keep in mind, I am the furthest thing from a makeup artist. I have no idea how to do crazy make up tricks. I am still learning all the things, and honestly, I usually never leave myself enough time to do more than what I listed above...typically I just do it all at my home, not at my desk while my coworkers watch me. Haha. 


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