Sometimes fashion can be a real prick...

March 30, 2017

Does anyone else think it's so frustrating when you see an article of clothing on Pinterest you are having a moment over so you scour the internet to try to find it, or something similar, in plus size and you come up short?!?


Yeah? Me too! This past month I have been on the hunt for a shirt with a cactus on it. I have searched my usual spots: Torrid, Lane Bryant, ASOS, Ashley Stewart, Penningtons, Etsy and I even did a quick search on Amazon. I had no luck. I found plenty on Etsy with a cactus design, but they mostly stopped in Large. 


Before I go on an even longer rant, I would like to say plus size clothing has come so far since I was a young girl. In my early teen years there really were only two or three stores I went to because the clothes were cute for my age and size. Other plus size stores still struggled with the fact that plus size women weren't just 40 year old ladies and up. We were also young women, who were trying to be just as stylish as our friends, classmates or coworkers.


Now, not only can I go to some of the same store as my thinner friends because they have added an extended sizes section (Forever 21, H&M) but there are also more stores just for women with larger waist sizes...not to mention stores who added extended their size range to accommodate more women. How beautiful is that?! 


However, it's still a struggle for me when I'm looking up outfit inspirations online and see shirts or pants I love, and know I won't actually be able to wear them because they won't be in my size. I think it especially irked me because it was something as popular as a cactus shirt, which is so trendy right now.


However, I thought about what Grandma Kathleen would say. She would want me to remember we don't always get what we want right away. She has always pushed me to be patient. To take a pause, to think about my problem and try to solve it when my emotions aren't running so high. 


So...after a fee days...I came up with a solution. I decided to make my own shirt. This way, I had my own creative authority over my shirt, I got to pick the design, the saying, the colors and it would be what I really wanted. I wouldn't have needed to settle for a design I wasn't really into just because it was the only one I could find in my size. 


Last year I picked up embroidery as a hobby and so I have a bunch of supplies laying around. I also always try to keep a black tshirt on hand for emergency craft projects (in my life, that happens often). So, I searched for some fun cactus puns and cactus plant outlines that looked easy enough for me to freehand and went to work.


I honestly feel like not only would Kathleen be proud of me for staying calm and figuring out my problem, Grandma Anne would be proud of my innovative solution. She seems like she would have probably been an innovator back in her time so I'm hoping she would been happy to pass that along to me. 


I paired the plain white tshirt with a black, high-lo maxi skirt I got ages ago from Target, a cute statement necklace and white Keds-esque shoe. I absolutely love mixing dressy and casual. And my favorite way to do that is adding a really chunky necklace to the mix.


*** Note: I found a shirt with a cactus print on it at Torrid tonight when I was looking for some jeans. I had already made this shirt a few nights ago and right before I made it, I had done one last check and it either wasn't posted yet, or I missed it. Also, it had an all over print of a cactus and I was looking more for something like what I made with a funky quote on it. 

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