Lean, mean, cleaning machine...when I feel like it

March 30, 2017

I loathe cleaning. I'm am not alone in this, I know. I'm sure there are 82 thousand, million people who have this activity on their hate list.

There is nothing worse than walking around your house, picking up objects, cleaning under it, over it, around it and wherever else dust or grime or germs have settled. Laundry is the spawn of Satin and dishes are the Devil, himself.

I am terrible at keeping my areas clean, I have a hard time putting things back where I got them, and I am perfectly okay with admitting these things about myself because even though I avoid these chores as much as a I can, I am a bad Mamba Jamba when I get in the mood to destroy dirt.

About once every two months something washes over me (ha, #sopunny) and gets me all pumped to deep clean, to throw away crap I don't need, and toss things I don't use.

Sunday was one of those times. I spent two hours in my bathroom and two hours in my office.

In my bathroom, I have three buckets for my eyes, face and lips products. When I first came up with the idea, I was really cognizant of putting items away in their specific bucket. Over time, though, I got a lazy and shoved things in whatever bucket was closest as I rushed out for work.

I had empty make up cartons from Ipsy samples, I have like 32 Ipsy bags that I'm not really using for anything, and bottles of lotions I just never put away.

I dumped every product I have in my sink, I cleaned the messy buckets (buying white was not a smart idea, btw!), and I scrubbed my counter, faucet, and mirror.


I then went back through each product, threw what I didn't want away, and re-organized my things. At first, I laid them back on top of the counter, but then I decided it made it look too crowded, so I went a step further to clean my drawers and make room for my baskets. Now my bathroom looks clean, neat and refreshed.

When I finished that room, I went to my office where I have papers, mail, craft trash, jewelry, writing utensils, and a million other things I left laying around.

I tossed junk mail, sorted important crap, organized my stationary (why do I have like 153 stationary prints when I barely write letters?!), and cleaned out desk drawers.


My desk has never looked so put together.

Can I just tell you how good it felt to do all this?

It made me laugh because how silly is it to feel so much pleasure from the tiniest of things!? But then again, how great is it to find pleasure in the tiniest of things?!

Not to mention how cathartic it feels to throw old shit away!

Oh man, I tossed out Bath & Body Works lotions I haven't used in years! I threw away crusty nail polishes that barely opened anymore. I slam dunked dried up eyeliners. I said "syonara sucker" to old cleansing scrubs and mouth wash.

I really enjoyed throwing away old crafting tools that I was hanging onto for no reason at all...because no one needs paint brushes that are stiff and cracked, or tiny fabric scraps that will never fit on any of my embroidery hoops, and especially not yarn pieces that I was saving for a craft I will never actually make time for.

As much as I hate to clean, I take so much pleasure in walking into a room I organized and cleaned. It's like a fresh start. And what better metaphor for a Sunday night -- the end and beginning of your week's chapter?


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