If Lizzie can, so can I

March 22, 2017

I try to plan my outfits as I'm falling asleep. I pick out a pair of pants in my head and think about a shirt I can wear with it. Or I think about a cute outfit I saw and figure out if I can replicate or modify it with things I own.

Sometimes I get my inspiration from a Pinterest perusal or from an ad that pops up somewhere. Sometimes they come from people I see throughout my day.

Sometimes, I'm in a hurry, so I grab the first thing I see and then pair it with a simple second piece.

This morning, I didn't have a clue what I was going to wear. I grabbed the first pair of pants I saw -- purple/maroon-ish ones. I was trying to find a shirt I typically don't wear with those pants because I'm really trying to spice it up lately. I came across my orangish pineapple shirt and remembered pairing it with my polka dot jacket a few months ago so I grabbed it also.

When I laid the three pieces on my bed hesitated because I wasn't sure if it was all a little much. Then, I had a flashback to Lizzie McGuire. Random? Yup! Genius? Hell yeah! She wore a very similar color combo at one point and my worries vanished.

I rationalized, "if Lizzie McGuire can do it, I can too!" 



I got so many comments on my outfit. Most of them consisted of people saying they wouldn't think to pair my items together but it totally worked. At first I was unsure they weren't just telling me what I wanted to hear. Maybe they actually thought it was strange but didn't want to tell me. But I let that go immediately and scolded myself a bit.

How dare I take someone's kind words and turn them ugly?! Why would I doubt a compliment? What does that say about me that I think a person isn't being genuine? Becaus the good Lord knows it's not a them issue. When I doubt their encouragements, that is a me issue. That is me getting in my own head and doubting my own self.

And over a silly outfit?! " Ugh, Toni," I said to myself. "Why do you care if they don't like your outfit? Do you like it? Yes? Then rock it!" <--- Yes, I had this conversation with myself! Yes, I often have conversations with myself, encouraging myself to be a rock star. If I can't be my own cheerleader, why should I expect someone else to be?!

And you know, I think Lizzie is probably looking at me from her television world, really just proud of me for sticking to my guns and staying true to myself because overall, I feel like that was what she was all about. 

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