Be as Bright as your Lipstick

March 21, 2017

Guys. Spring is here! I repeat, Spring is here!


So what did I do on the first day of this brand new season? I wore all the brightest things I own. Including my bright pink tank, my SUGARFIX By BaubleBar neon necklace, pink eyeshadow, and, of course, bright pink lippy.


Before I go further, let me tell you Fall is my jam! I love dressing for that season the best. I like jewel-tones, sweaters, and boots as much as the next basic bitch.


However, there is something magical about Spring. It awakens something in the world. In turn, there is something about Spring fashion. I feel like I take more chances in Spring. I pair things I normally wouldn't. Spring patterns are always so bold and bright and I want to mix them with things I typically don't think of. Birds and polkadots. Polkadots and pineapples. Florals and stripes. Flannel and stripes.


And maybe it's because I am so used to the darkness of Fall and Winter, that these colors pop even more when Spring shines through. Whatever it is, I take full advantage. Not just with my clothes either. In fact, most of my brightness comes for my favorite thing. Lipstick.


Wearing lipstick is a relatively new concept for me. Last year when I got out of my own thoughts telling me I couldn't pull off certain colors, I began collecting all shades. Including deep navy, forest green, purple and of course pinks.


While I have all different hues, the brighter the better will be my motto the next coming weeks. Some of my favorites include Firebird and Menace by Urban Decay, 1998 by Too Faced, and Sparkler by Ulta.


My number one tip for lipstick is start with lip liner! It seems like a tip your mother would give you, but guess what? Mothers know best (just ask mine...she'll tell ya so!). Lip liner makes all the difference. It's much cleaner and it seems to last longer.


My second tip is don't be afraid to take a walk on the wild side! Be bright. Be bold. Be daring. These are not just words for me. They are encouragements I spoke upon myself as I took that leap. If you're afraid you can't pull of a certain color or shade, just try it out. Don't make assumptions before you even put it on.


I'm not kidding, the very first time I stepped outside of my comfort zone, wearing a bright red lipstick, I got so many compliments I was shocked. It's still one of my favorite go to when I need a little pump encouragement from myself. I put that lipstick on and I remember to be a badass.

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