We're All Mad Here

March 17, 2017

...or at least I am during March Madness...

There is something about tournament season, no matter the sport, that turns me into a raging lunatic. Add in the brackets and prizes and "friendly" work pools of March Madness and I just about lose it.

I try really hard not to let my competitive side loose because I get a little crazy. I cuss. I yell. I talk major shit...whether I am winning or losing. And because I have such terrible luck, I typically end up losing more than winning.

The last time I did a bracket for March Madness was in like 2014. I did so bad and I was so annoyed I took a couple years off.

When I started my new job a little less than a year ago, I heard so much about March Madness time because the whole office gets involved and we watch the games all day and it's just a really fun time. A few weeks ago, people started asking if I wanted to make a bracket. I wasn't really sure I should let them see this crazy competitive side of me. (Some got a taste of it during Halloween when we had a costume contest.) I warned them how competitive I am before I added myself to the group, but they said it was fine.

Keep in mind I don't watch basketball all season because I don't actually like it all that much...and to be honest, the season is so long I lose interest in the middle. So I have no idea what team is good. I'm only invested in Creighton and the Huskers basketball out of allegiance to my state...but I'm not even diehard enough to get upset if Creighton loses or anything this year.

The only sporting event I watch religiously, in fact, is Husker football.

I ban myself from liking teams and playing fantasy leagues because I get too emotionally invested during the whole season and it's really annoying for everyone around me.

But when playoff or tourney times hit for the NFL, MLB and college basketball I can't help but get involved. And I regret it every time.

Last October when the Cubbies were playing their Championship game, I cried as if I was a diehard fan of 80 years and I had just witnessed a freaking dream come true! I don't even like the Cubbies!! Royals is where it's at, but I was sooooo anxious the whole night! I even told my family I was watching it with that I knew before it even started I was going to get sucked in and it was going to be terrible. And there I was, on the edge of my seat the whole time! Just a nervous Nellie any time they weren't doing well.

For March Madness this year, I made six brackets total. Three are on Yahoo, where I joined my work group and about 10 other random celebrity groups. I made one for a local sports bar. I made one for a local mall. And I made one for ESPN.

At work we have a big Mondo Board set up streaming a game and I downloaded two different browsers on my computer so I could watch two on one of my work screens. Keep in mind, I am still required to do all my work while this mess is happening!

I won the first game but the second game I picked the loser. Even though it was the first round, I was just as nervous watching the first round game as I would be if it was the championship. I was in front of the big screen, yelling at the players, tapping my foot, my palms were getting clammy. I. Was. A. Wreck.

But good Lord, there is just something about sports that makes me so passionate! I just love cheering on a team. It doesn't even have to be a team or a game I care about any other hour of the year, but in that moment, I want them to win. I want them to succeed. And damnit! I want the other team to get their asses kicked!

I just like to think that during this time I may be bonkers...a litle lost in my head...but all the best people are...

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