Not "headshots"..."hairshots"

March 8, 2017

Sadly, I've been caught taking more selfies than I would like to admit. But in my defense, sometimes I'm not taking a selfies...I'm checking my hair. 


Hear me out...


Sometimes (okay...most times) in the morning I give myself like 15 minutes to dry/style my hair and put on makeup (which typically gets left out because of it). When I do this it means I don't have the time to check the mirror for missed pieces or flipped up sections that were supposed to be stick straight. 


A few hours after I get to work, I panic that the back of my hair is a trainwreck. But I don't want to take my mirror and walk my happy butt to the bathroom to check out the situation. Instead, I whip out my phone and snap a pic. It's easy. It's fast. It gets the job done. 


However, this means I have about 8,274 in my phone of different angles of my head. 


I have some with braids, some with curls, some naturally waved from the air, some ponytails and some of the crown of my head (gotta be on the lookout for grays!).


And I'm sorry, but if you're not using your phone as a mirror, you're not using it to its full potential!


Just a small sample of my "hairshots" below:



My point behind this post is that we may not all leave ourselves with time in the morning, but as you can see, just a few minutes a day spent on yourself can really make a difference. I love hitting the snooze button. I love extra minutes in dream world, but I love even more spending a few minutes on myself each morning before I get to work and have to worry about my hectic schedule or the projects I'm working on. If I can get some quick me time in, I can be ready for anything.

My other point is that you shouldn't be afraid to be silly. Post those embarrassing stories. Show your quirkiness. Don't be embarrassed or fearful of what others may say or do. Just be you.

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