The Bloom Boom

March 6, 2017

I am not a girly girl. Or at least I never would have put myself in that category. 


My favorite movies are "The Little Giants" The Mighty Ducks series and "The Goonies." Sure I love a good romantic comedy as much as the next gal, but if it has a sport in it, I'm watching it. 


I love watching football. I like to ride the four wheeler through huge puddles of mud. I only buy pink things when I have to. 


So call me shocked when my new favorite thing to wear became floral leggings. 


Literally, all the flowers...

Floral is having such a huge moment right now and honestly, I don't ever think it's a trend that will ever fully whither away (See what I didn't there? #punsarefun). 


In my humble opinion, floral patterns are the easiest way to add color to your look. There are millions (I'm no florist, so I may be exaggerating) of flowers of all different colors so the options are endless for designers and buyers, alike. There are big, bold patterns for those who are ready to make a statement. Or there are small, subtle patters for people who aren't sure how or what to pair their floral piece with.


My favorite look is a pair of floral leggings with a black tank and my jean jacket. However, I love to mix a girlier piece with an edgier one, too. Sometimes I like to rock my black leather jacket with my flounciest pair of leggings.


More recently, I purchased some floral tops that I'm planning on adding into my wardrobe. Because I'm new to patterns and florals, I like to keep it simple. But one of my fashion goals for 2017 is to mix more patterns so I can't wait to mix my bold tops with some of my more subtle leggings!

(However, taking a second look at my pants from above, I guess there isn't much subtlety, is there?) 


I just need to get the courage to step away from the norm and be bold!


*** Note: these leggings are all from Torrid and two of the patterns (2nd, 3rd from left) are shirts. 

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