February 25, 2017


I like to consider myself an adventurous eater. When I was little, I had some family members who refused to try anything new. It drove me insane. How did they know they didn't like it if they didn't even try it?

My parents were the just-try-it-once kinda people. If I didn't like, they wouldn't force me to eat it, but they just wanted my brother and me to test it out. Seven times out of 10, we liked the food.


To this day, I like to try new things. In fact, I will almost never order the same thing twice from a restaurant because I like variety.


So I wasn't shocked a few weeks ago when I stepped out of my comfort zone and enjoyed a delicious meal I had never had before. Some of my coworkers talked me into going to a Pho (pronounced "fa") restaurant.

"Have you ever had Pho?" they asked. "It's so addicting."


And that it is.


Let me also quickly explain something....I HATE soup. I think it is one of the worst foods on the planet (except for cheddar broccoli...because cheese...). I don't know if it's the broth or the combination of flavors, or what...but I will never choose soup over a different food.


So...keeping that in mind, I was almost convinced I wasn't going to like Pho. It seems very soup-like. When the big ass bowl was set on the table along with the plate of extras, I was a little apprehensive. Sure it smelled like heaven, but there was a lot of soup-esque qualities.

"Just add all the things to it and try it," one coworker suggested. "It's bomb."

I added the lime, I added the sprouts (yummmm), I added the jalapenos and I think there were some other things I can't remember. Oh yeah. Sriracha! I added a bunch of Sriracha because holy shit that stuff is good.

And let me tell you...I was addicted at the very first spicy bite. There was something about all the flavors, the noodles, the meat, the everything.

As we were leaving, we were planning our next trip and what we were going to order. Not to mention, I spent the rest of the day coming up with un-Pho-gettable pho puns.




Here for the Pho-n


Pho sho!


Pho real


Okay, okay, okay...I'm done...pho now...


*** Note: Because I am no Pho expert, I'm not even going to try to explain what Pho is. Instead, here is a handy dandy wiki link. :)

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