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April 27, 2017

It takes almost nothing to stress me out. Something as simple as two people arguing next to me - not with, to, or about me - to something as big as a six-hour deadline for a typically 12-hour project. I panic over anything and everything in between....

April 24, 2017

Yesterday was World Book Day and while I posted a couple stacks of books on my Instagram account, they aren't my favorites. They are just a small portion of the books lying around my house...which are pretty much everywhere.

Books are my first love, my first passion. In...

April 17, 2017

There are a few things I don't think I will ever tire of. They are such staples in my everyday life that even if they go out of style, I'm not going to change my ways.

I mean, I'd like to think these are so simple and classic, they won't go out of style anyways! Haha


April 12, 2017

About a year ago my cousin was talking about how her daughter has mean girls in her class (we will get back to this) and my mom made a comment about how I had girls just like that in my grade school class. She said there were times I wasn't invited to parties or sleepo...

April 5, 2017

One of my all time favorite movies growing up was Grease. I watched it whenever it was on. I always begged my mom to rent it from Blockbuster (It probably would have been cheaper to buy the freaking movie.). I loved the singing and the dancing, of course, but it was th...

April 3, 2017

My morning routine was all out of whack today. I woke up late. I had to hunt for an outfit because I didn't plan it the night before. I didn't have enough time to put my make up on or fix my hair. My only saving grace my premade lunch and yogurt I grabbed as I ran out...

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