About the Blog

The women who inspired this website taught me things they didn't mean to teach me. Their lessons came naturally and authentically.


Whether it was through stories or eye-witnessed events, my grandmothers, Anne and Kathleen, molded me into the woman I am today. In turn, I was inspired to pass their beliefs and practices onto anyone and everyone who wants or needs them. 

Because of them, I like to live by three simple, but major ideals. 

I believe kindness, as simple of a word as it is, should be in the forefront of people's minds and hearts in everything they do. 

I believe a person's character is determined by respect, loyalty, and honesty. 

I believe it takes more strength to own our flaws than it does to recognize our talents. I believe it takes more strength to laugh at our mistakes than it does to brag about our accomplishments.

This site, while mostly your average lifestyle blog, will focus on spreading Anne's and Kathleen's wisdom through stories of my life, and advice on fashion, beauty, and anything else. My only hope is to exude kindness, character, and strength.